Bandit Big Bore Revolver

BFG Revolver

weapon (ranged)

Weight: 4 lbs( 1.8 kg)
Mega-Damage: 1D6 M.D. per round/bullet, plus human and human-sized D-bees who are shot must roll a 20 sided die to maintain their footing. This balance roll must equal or surpass the attacker’s roll to strike. A successful roll means the character feels like he’s been kicked by a mule, but remains standing and suffers no penalties, except he loses initiative if he had it. A failed roll means the victim is knocked off his feet, falls back onto the ground (fall back 1D4 feet), loses initiative (if he had it) and loses one melee attack/action! Even characters in M.D.C. body armor will bev knocked down, however, those in power armor, full conversion cyborgs, robots, giants, supernatural beings and creatures of magic (demons, metamorphed dragons, etc.) are not.
Rate of Fire: Single shot, each shot counts as a melee action, unless shooting wild.
Effective Range: 200 feet (91 m)
Payload: Six; revolver style cylinder weapon.
Cost: 80 credits per round/bullet or 10,000 credits for a gross (box of 144 rounds).


The BigBore is a large revolver that fires high explosive shells. The “bullets” could be considered small grenades. The advantages to the BigBore handgun is its knock down power, damage yield, and intimidation factor. It is just plain scary to look down the business end of the BigBore. The BB-6 is an intimidating weapon, and has a horror factor of 10 when pointed in someone’s face. A strength of 14 or better is required to shoot the BB-6 (those with a weaker P.S. are -2 to strike even with an aimed shot, and -6 when shooting wild); a P.S. 17 is needed to fire it one handed.

Bandit Big Bore Revolver

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