Equalizer Combat Shotgun

weapon (ranged)

The Equalizer is a smooth·bore, semi-automatic shotgun that fires 16mm explosive cartridges. The gun can also fire regular 12 gauge shotgun shells, flares, and smoke or tear gas grenades, making it a very useful multi-purpose weapon. Also, the weapon is incredibly rugged and durable, designed to function even after being submerged in a swamp or in mud for 24 hours, plus it is highly resistant to water damage and other environmental hazards.

Weight: 10 Ibs. (4.5 kg)
Mega-Damage: Varies with cartridge type. The most common include:
Standard 12-gauge buckshot: 4D6 S.D.C. Cost: 1 credit per round.
Standard 12-gauge slugs: 5D6 S.D.C. Cost: 2 credits per round.
16mm Armor Piercing Explosive (APE): 5D6 M.D. (no blast radius). Cost: 100 credits per round.
16mm Fragmentary Grenade (FG): 2D4 M.D. to a 10 feet blast radius. Cost: 500 credits per round.
16mm Smoke: Blocks vision in a 20 foot radius. Cost: 100 credits per round.
16mm Tear Gas: Save vs non-lethal poison or blinded (-6 to strike, parry or dodge in either case). 20 feet radius. Cost: 200 credits per round.
Rate of Fire: Each shot counts as one melee attack. Cannot fire bursts.
Effective Range: 1.000 feet (305 m) for 16mm rounds, 300 feet for regular shotgun rounds.
Payload: Box magazine: 10 rounds.


Equalizer Combat Shotgun

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