Armatech AT-N20 Neural Stick

Stun Baton

weapon (melee)

Physical Damage: 1D6 S.D.C. plus P.S. attribute bonus (if any) when used as a clubbing weapon. The stick is a mega-damage structure (17 M.D.C.), making it suitable for parrying S.D.C. and M.D. weapons like vibro-blades.
Stun Damage: Victims struck by the neural stick must roll to save vs non-lethal poison/attack and need a 16 or higher to save. A successful save means the victim loses one melee action from the jolt but is otherwise unimpaired. A failed roll to save means the character is stunned: -7 on initiative, -5 to strike, parry, and dodge, and reduce melee actions/attacks, speed and skill performance by half. The character must save each time he or she is struck.
Stun Duration: 2D4 melee rounds. The duration and penalties are increased by 2D4 melee rounds for every hit by the stick. There is also a cumulative chance of 15% per each subsequent hit that the character will be rendered unconscious for 1D4 minutes. This means the second hit has a 15% chance of knocking the victim out, the third hit 30%, forth hit 45%, and so on.
Limitations: The stick is ineffective against environmental M.D.C. body armor, power armor, and full conversion borgs, but is effective against Dog Pack armor and half suits, or body armor without a helmet (not fully environmental without the helmet attached).
Partially reconstructed borgs, juicers and crazies are all +2 to save and the stun effect lasts half as long.
No effect against robots, androids, and most supernatural beings and creatures of magic.


ArmaTech has created a blunt, club or mace-like weapon used by the police for close combat and riot control. This stun weapon resembles the classic “nightstick” of pre-Rifts days and is used to subdue criminals and troublemakers without having to use deadly force. The Neural Stick delivers an electric charge that temporarily short-circuits the nervous system when it strikes. There is a chance of rendering an unarmored person unconscious, but most victims remain conscious, with impaired movement.

Armatech AT-N20 Neural Stick

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