Alice Pennywise

Gatekeeper to the boss, passer of paychecks, mother to the whole publication staff.


Alice Pennywise has been with Doctor Hume since he opened his first publication, Line Leya, a raunchy skin magazine that she’s all to happy never to mention again. Still, seeing as she was Miss Atlantis 4 years in a row it would be fair to mention that the years have been kind to this soft spoken, mother next door.

She is generally cheeky and will joke good heartedly as long as everyone maintains a certain James Bondesque level of decorum. She keeps a tin of baked goods on her desk and will offer treats and drinks to any writers who are waiting for a visit with the Doctor.

She knows every member of the staff’s birthday, by heart, and has not yet failed to get a birthday greeting to them, on their birthday, regardless of where they currently are. She frets over the well being of the staff and has been known to take staff members clothing articles and repair them herself when she finds the repairs are beyond their meager compensation.

Alice Pennywise

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