Doctor Thaddeus Hume

The Boss


IQ: 20
ME: 15
MA: 20
PS: 5
PP: 12
PE: 15
PB: 14
Spd: 5
PPE: 247


Doctor Thaddeus Hume is the sometimes eccentric head of Lonely Megaverse Publications. As a seasoned dimensional traveler, he understands the hardships that his researchers and writers must go through, but is also aware of the incredible reward they gain through their work. He enjoys a good haggling session for the price for a given article and will generally lowball journalists initially.

He takes a personal liking to every member of his small staff and though he understands that their lives will frequently involve danger, he does not relish suicidal campaigns and will attempt to bail his employees out of truly bad circumstances as long as it is possible to do so. He has a certain paternal quality towards his field agents in particular.

He runs several publications including: Lonely Megaverse Magazine, Dimensionalities, Pressed Associates, DanJer Junky, Cute and Cuddly Creatures from the Cataclysm, and Who’s Who. He is known for disappearing for long periods of time to seek out his own adventures. When he does so, he rarely leaves any forwarding information, much to the chagrin of his staff, and especially his secretary.

Doctor Thaddeus Hume

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