Harmony Lake

Rookie Field Agent for Lonely Megaverse Publications


Basic Stats

Race: True Atlantean
Apparent Age:
Alignment: Unprincipled
IQ: 18
ME: 20
MA: 17
PS: 23
PP: 13
PE: 18
PB: 19
Spd: 34

Skill +%/lvl Current%
Acrobatics - -
Appraise Goods +5 34
Boxing - -
Charm/Impress +0 45
Climbing +5 54
Creative Writing +5 29
Horsemanship: General +5 54
Horsemanship: Exotic Animals +5 44
Land Navigation +4 50
Math: Basic +5 69
Photography +5 39
Pick Locks +5 44
Pilot: Motorcycle +5 74
Pilot: Hovercycle +5 84
Prowl +5 44
Swimming +5 64
Tracking (People) +5 29
Trust/Intimidate +0 45
Wilderness Survival +5 44
WP: Energy Pistol - -
WP: Energy Rifle - -
WP: Knife - -
WP: Revolver - -
WP: Shotgun - -
WP: Blunt - -


HP: 21 SDC: 70
Armor: T-40 Urban “Plain Clothes” Armor
AR: 18 (covers the arms. chest, waist, and upper legs), 19 with hood up
MDC: 15
Weight: 15 pounds
Mobility: -5% prowl penalty.
Weapon: Naruni Plasma Revolver
Damage: 3D6 MD
ROF: 1 per melee
Range: 200’
Payload: 6
Cost: 15/round
Weapon: Vibro Knife
Damage: 1D6
Range: H-H
Payload: -
Weapon: AT-N20 Neural Stick
Damage: 1D6 SD.
Range: H-H
Payload: H-H
Type: Commando
Attacks per Melee: 4
Initiative: +1
Damage: +8
Strike: +1
Parry: +1
Dodge: +1
Pull Punch: +1
Roll with Impact: +1
Roll with Fall: +1
Power Punch:
Power Kick:


Spell Cost Lvl Effect
Armor of Ithan 10 3 This powerful spell instantly creates an invisible, weightless, noiseless, full suit of mystic armor upon the spell caster, or the magic armor can be instantly created upon anyone, as long as the spell caster invokes the spell while touching the intended recipient. This mystic armor has an MDC of 10 per level of the spell caster’s experience. Magic fire, lightning. and cold do half damage to it.
Attune Object to Owner 30 8 This spell attunes a particular object to the owner’s biological energy frequency, making it impossible for anyone else to make the object function. The attuning magic can also be used to identify personal belongings and valuables. It is primarily used on rare or unique mechanical or magically powered devices, weapons, and items of great value. Even those with telemechanics will not be able to activate anything so attuned. For example: a rune sword that contains magical properties can be used as a sword, but none of its special magical abilities can be activated by anybody except its proper owner.
The spell requires the presence of the object, owner. and spell caster. Thc spell caster places one hand on the object and one on the owner. While casting the spell, bright, white light will engulf the object and its owner. Although no physical mark will appear on the object, it will register as being magical by those able to sense magic and the owner will see a sort of aura signature around it. All objects attuned to him will have the same unique aura. Objects that contain magic can also be attuned to their owner.
D-Phase 20 7 This spell warps and bends the dimensional aspects of reality to allow the spell caster to walk through solid maller, like doors, M.D.C, walls, etc. and requires great concentration. Loss of concentration means a failure to complete phasing through an object. which causes a flash of light and the person goes flying 3D6 feet back from where he staned, suffers 2D6 hit point damage, feels icy cold to the touch, and is dazed for 1D4 melees(has only one melee attack and has no combat bonuses while dazed). This “pop back” also occurs when the duration time of the spell elapses when the character is still phasing inside a solid object.
The character may be affcctcd by a lack of air when phasing through a large amount of solid malter. such as thick castle walls. hill or mountain. The characler must hold his breath for the period of time it takes to phase through Ihe solid object. If his air supply is used up while in phase, he loses concentration and is “popped back” to where he staned with the usual results.
Detect Concealment 6 2 A magic invocation that will instantly negate any Concealment spell(s) and reveal any object(s) which may have been mystically concealed. Can be directed at a specific area or individual, or made to affect an entire area 30 feet in diameter.
Dimensional Pockets 20 (Temporary) 140 (Longterm) 10 This spell is similar to dimensional envelope except that the dimensional pockel/area is much smaller and portable, hence the reference to “pockets.” The character can reach into a dimensional “pocket,” another limbo dimension, to retrieve itcms that he has placed there earlier. hems can be just about anything that could fit in a back-pack, clothing. handguns, energy clips, diary, bottle of aspirin, etc.
The dimensional pocket spell requires a psychological orientation. which means the person really does seemingly pull impossibly large or numerous items from his pocket(s), back-pack, bag, box, purse, or sack. Without a physical sack, bag, or pocket the power cannot work! The character will typically select one favorite pocket or bag as his focus of orientation. To anybody else the pocket is just an ordinary pocket or container that holds the usual amount of stuff.
The ordinary looking pocket/bag will appear to be empty unless the character investigating can see dimensional anomalies. This means that the temporal wizard, warrior and raider can see into the pocket and remove items, as well as shifters, many alien intelligences like the Splugonh, and characters with the spell of see dimensional anomalies. Practitioners of magic and the occasional psionic with the ability to focus and concentrate (M.E. 17 or higher) can plunge their hand into the pocket, feel around and remove items, but only if they know that the pocket/bag is magical.
Wizards seldom have more than one or two long·term dimensional pockets themselves and rarely sell “magic” bags with more than three years of life in them. The retail cost for such a bag can range from 90.000 to a million credits, however the maker of the magic bag seldom gets more than 20%. Note: See dimensional envelope for the sensing abilities of the temporal raider and shifter.
Globe of Daylight 2 1 A small globe or sphere of true daylight is magically created. The light is bright enough to light up a 12 foot area per each level of its creator’s experience. Because it is daylight, it can ward off vampires and most other types of undead and demons who fear or are hurt by sunlight, keeping them at bay just beyond the edge of the light. The creator of the globe can mentally move it along with himself or send it up to thirty feet ahead. The maximum speed at which the globe can travel is equal to a speed attribute of 12.
S-Dep 90 9 A devastating spell that cuts off the sensory perception of the victim to his own body! Sounds are muffled, unclear and distorted and there is no sense of time. The victim also loses the sense of touch (does not feel pain, heat, cold, wind, rain. etc.). While the character can continue to function to some degree without feeling, it dramatically affects his movement, as well as judgement speed, distance, direction, depth, and own physical strength and movement. He can be seriously wounded or dying and not know it, or trip over his own feet.
Victims of S-Dep are -10 to strike, parry, and dodge, are always the last to attack (no initiative), -5 to save vs illusionary magic, -50% to perform a skill, have only one melee action per round and speed is reduced to one-third. Events that occurred while under the S-Dep spell are only foggy, dream-like remembrances with a distorted sense of what really happened. In addition, psionic characlers cannot use any psi-powers except mind block. While under the innuence of this spell, the psionic is impervious to all mind attacks.
See Dimensional Anomaly 30 8 Once the general location of a dimensional anomaly is known, the spell caster can see it by casting this spell. Anomalies such as dimensional envelopes and pockets are suddenly visible, as well as characters transformed into fourth dimensional beings, two dimensional beings, and the invisible energy essence of alien intelligences and entities. It does not reveal time holes.
See the Invisible 4 1 The character can see Astral beings, entities, Elementals, ghosts, objects, forces, and creatures that can turn invisible or are naturally invisible. Even if the creature has no form per se, the mystic will be able to discern the vaporous image or energy sphere that is the being.
Sense Dimensional Anomaly 30 8 This spell enables the wizard to feel ripples in the space-time continuum. He can often sense the general location of such anomalies. Senses the following:
• The opening. closing and general locadon of dimensional rifts within a 50 mile area.
• The opening and closing of mystic portals, dimensional teleportation, ley line storms, and time holes wilhin one mile.
• The opening, closing, and general location of dimensional envelopes within 100’.
• The opening, closing and general localion of dimensional pockets within 10’.
• Sense when a space warp, wink-out, or time warp is occurring within a 100’ radius.
• Sense the presence/essence of astral beings, two and fourth dimensional beings, entities and alien intelligences within a 100’ radius. Cannot pinpoint their location.
T-Dep 20 7 The T-Dep spell plays havoc with the victim’s perception of time. The victim of T-Dep will not know what time it is other than day or night. He will feel tired and confused, believing that he has been busy (fighting, working, etc.) for a much longer time than he really has. The character will forger about any appointments within the hour and misread clocks (including internal clocks), believing it to be much later than it really is. Confused characters may think it’s time to go home from a job, or that it’s bedtime, or that it is time to leave for the appointment that is really scheduled for much later. Food will be under cooked or overcooked, experiments stopped prematurely, doors locked and alarms set sooner or later than they should, and so on.
While under the innuence of this spell the character is -10% on all skills (rushing to get it done in a timely manner) and -60% if the skill requires the measurement of time or the setting of instruments to time (such as demolitions). The following penalties also apply during combat: -1 to strike, parry and dodge. -3 on initiative and lose one melee action/attack. Coordinated attacks are impossible.
Tongues 12 6 The magic enables the character to perfectly understand and speak all spoken languages: 98% proficiency. An understanding of written languages is not provided by this magic. See the Eyes of Thoth.
Wink Out 20-60 8 The character appears to have disappeared or teleported to a different location – it is impossible for an observer to tell which might be the case. In reality, the spell caster has really created and stepped into a very temporary time hole in another dimension.
Time inside the wink·out time hole passes at the rate of 15 seconds per minute; i.e. one minute in the nonnal world will seem like one melee round (15 seconds) to the character in the time hole, while five minutes will seem like 75 seconds to the time traveler who winked-out.
During the wink-out phase, the character cannot be located by normal, psionic, or mystical means, it is as if the spell caster has vanished off the face of the planet (and he has). While winked-out, the character can use his time (15 seconds per each minute that he is winked out) to reload weapons, draw new weapons, prepare to cast a spell, hide ,my small objecl on his person, destroy an item, drink a potion, and similar tasks. Note: nothing can be left behind in this unstable dimensional pocket of temporal space.

XP Chart

XP: 0 Experience Level:
Level XP Bonuses
2 2201 +10 PPE, +1 on initiative, +1 to strike, +2 to parry and dodge, +3 to roll with punch/fall/impact, and +3 to pull punch. Backward sweep kick, used only against opponents coming up behind the character. Does no damage: it is purely a knockdown attack (same penalties as body flip) but cannot he parried (an opponent can try to dodge it but is -2 to do so).
3 4401 +10 PPE, +1 on initiative, +1 to disarm. and Karate punch/strike (does 2D4 damage). 1 new Conventional Spell (select from levels 1-4 only) or 1 new Temporal Spell. +2 OCC Related Skills.
4 8801 +10 PPE, +1 additional attack/action per melee and Karate kick (does 2D6) The karate-style kick starts with bringing the knee, folded, up to chest level, then the foot is completely extended.
5 17601 +10 PPE, +2 to automatic dodge and all foot strikes. 1 new Conventional Spell (select from levels 1-4 only) or 1 new Temporal Spell.
6 27801 +10 PPE, +2 on initiative, +1 to strike, parry and dodge, and +1 to body flip/throw. +2 OCC Related Skills
7 37901 +10 PPE, +2 to damage, +1 to save vs Horror Factor, +1 to disarm, +1 to automatic dodge and +2 to pull punch. 1 new Conventional Spell (select from levels 1-4 only) or 1 new Temporal Spell.
8 55101 +10 PPE, +1 additional attack per melee, Jump kick, +2 to body flip/ throw, and +1 to roll with punch/fall/impact.
9 75201 +10 PPE, Death blow on a Natural 18-20’, +2 to pull punch. 1 new Conventional Spell (select from levels 1-4 only) or 1 new Temporal Spell. +2 OCC Related Skills
10 100301 +10 PPE, +2 to save vs Horror Factor, +1 on initiative, and +1 to strike.
11 145501 +10 PPE, +1 to disarm, +1 to pull punch and +2 to body flip/throw. 1 new Conventional Spell (select from levels 1-4 only) or 1 new Temporal Spell.
12 190601 +10 PPE, +2 to damage. +1 to parry and dodge, +2 to automatic dodge. +2 OCC Related Skills.
13 245701 +10 PPE, +1 additional attack/action per melee. 1 new Conventional Spell (select from levels 1-4 only) or 1 new Temporal Spell.
14 295801 +10 PPE, Can perform holds and is +1 on initiative.
15 345901 +10 PPE, Critical Strike on a Natural 17-20. 1 new Conventional Spell (select from levels 1-4 only) or 1 new Temporal Spell.

Harmony Lake

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